Our Program 

Our Focus

Our Preschool program focuses around fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, verbal and linguistic skills and social-emotional growth.The Structure of our Program

We are proud to be offering this program which allows true learning to take place as the students can attend Monday – Friday for 2 1⁄2 hours each day. Students develop deeper academic understandings as they build upon prior understandings from the day before. Their consistent attendance allows this to happen.Although the areas of development we focus on are often focused on in many preschools, our small class sizes and facility allow us to create a differentiated program that is unique for each child depending upon their interests, ability levels, and learning style preferences. This means that we can create different lessons that will target specific skills for each student in a way that he or she will enjoy the most. Best of all, we track your child’s progress through thorough assessments based on the New York State Curriculum Standards and Kindergarten Screening Tests.

Why We Teach with Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated instruction is recommended by early childhood experts because they, like you, know that children develop at different rates, learn through different strategies, and simply enjoy different activities. We are able to accommodate each student because of our smaller class sizes.Screenshot_20190606-214314_Gallery.jpgHands-On Learning

It has been proven that learning can be both educational and fun. Therefore, our program includes hands-on activities that require a variety of forms of participation. Rather than being told how something is, your child is experiencing it first hand and gaining the knowledge on his or her own.Screenshot_20190606-215016_Gallery.jpgOur Music and Movement Program

Your little one can join us in our music and movement class. It is the perfect blend of music and physical fitness, yoga, dance, and rhythm movements. It is a fun way to develop balance, core muscles, and gross motor skills.